Find bids that you would never otherwise know about! Delivering relevant bid opportunities right to your desktop, our Bid Matching service is an essential tool for any company seeking to win government or local contracts.

Alabama SBDC Network: Procurement Program Bid Matching ServiceEach day, we’ll search our extensive database of federal, state, local, and foreign bid opportunities on your behalf, looking for those that are relevant to your business. We’ll notify you via e-mail when something comes up and store your bid leads on a private Web site for easy ongoing access.

When you submit the keywords and phrases that best describe your business, they are thoroughly fine-tuned (by people, not computers!) based on our 25 years of experience. Common keyword misspellings and pluralizations, wildcards, proximity statements, exclude statements, and many other Boolean logic operators are included to provide that elusive balance between the inclusion of wanted bid opportunities and the exclusion of unwanted ones.

This service is provided at no cost to registered clients.

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Our Bid Matching service monitors government bid opportunities from hundreds of sources, broken into several broad categories:

  • State & local bids
  • Universities, Cities, Counties, Schools, Sewer/Water Boards…
  • FedBizOpps
  • DLA (Defense Logistics Agency) bids
  • Other federal purchases
  • Blue Tops
  • International bids

Alabama CDBG Bid Notifications (Alabama Community Development Block Grant Program)

For municipalities that participate in the Community Development Block Grant program, the Alabama PTAC and Alabama SBDC would like to help you reach qualified small businesses.  Please use the CDBG Bid Notification form to send us information regarding your Request for Qualifications or Request for Proposal.  This form will allow us to more quickly add your project into our BidMatch system, which will automatically notify matching small businesses within 1-2 days.  This form is for entities that are announcing bid opportunities.  Small businesses that are interested in receiving and competing for bids should complete our online registration form.