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The Alabama PTAC employs full time and part time Procurement Specialists to help Alabama’s business community compete for contract awards. While the Alabama PTAC is based at the University of Alabama, several positions will be filled through our subcontracted centers at Alabama State University, the University of Alabama in Huntsville, Jacksonville State University, and the University of North Alabama.

Accepting resumes:

What are some of the core competencies that we’re looking for in a PTAC Procurement Specialist?

What does a Procurement Specialist do?

The core of the PTAC program is confidential one-on-one counseling, offered at no charge to Alabama’s business community. The PTAC Procurement Specialists located throughout the state help companies:

  • Complete mandatory/beneficial registrations
  • Search government databases to identify opportunities
  • Research contracts award histories
  • Prepare capability statements
  • Understand solicitation requirements and terminology
  • Locate specifications and standards
  • Review bids and proposals
  • Access the state’s only no-cost bid-matching program
  • Identify eligibility for economic development programs and complete applicable certifications
  • Address contract performance issues and prepare for audits
  • Provide “up to the minute” information on government procurement processes and procedures
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