Emergency Response Contracting in Alabama (ERCA)

Become a pre-approved vendor for Emergency Response Contracting in Alabama (ERCA) now!

The Alabama PTAC program is an integral part of the state’s effort to create a list of pre-approved vendors that will be the first to bid on emergency response contracts.  Over the last several years, Alabama has seen more than its fair share of disasters: hurricanes, oil spills, tornadoes, floods, etc.  Far too many unqualified or unscrupulous firms appeared in the days and weeks following these disasters, adding to the damage caused by the events, and prolonging the recovery.  The Emergency Response Contracting in Alabama program is designed to pre-qualify companies that are willing and able to respond to these disaster events.  When federal, state, and local officials start looking for local companies to fill a disaster-related need, the ERCA database will point them in the right direction.

Here is all you need to do:

Getting Pre-Approved for ERCA: You will need to work closely with your local PTAC counselor to get pre-approved for the ERCA program. If you are not already a PTAC client, you can sign up on-line and a counselor will contact you and assist you with your registration process.

How ERCA Works: After an event has been declared a “National Disaster,” requirements will be forwarded to the Alabama PTAC for further distribution to our “Pre-Approved” clients for bidding. Our database will distinguish which clients receive bid notices based on the clients’ NAICS codes as loaded in their SAM registration. Our database will contain all NAICS codes for each client and the expiration dates for their State of Alabama Purchasing Division registration.

Pre-Disaster Actions: Pre-approved vendors will be provided contact information for prime contractors who are already on contingent contracts with FEMA.  Pre-approved vendors will be encouraged to develop working relationships with prime contractors before emergency bidding commences.

Questions?  Call 205-348-1687