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The Alabama PTAC works with Alabama’s small businesses to help them compete for contract awards at the federal, state, local, and corporate level. Below you will find a small sampling of the companies that we have assisted, and the contracts they have been awarded. (2020/2021)

EAP Lifestyle Management, LLC
Daphne, AL
Awarding Agency:  United States Army Corps of Engineers, Mobile District
Amount:  $135,960.00
“PTAC has been indispensable to us.  They have helped us procure and administer contract services for this contract and others.  For another EAP client, PTAC has assisted us with international expansion.  Gerald is consistently available, knowledgeable, well connected and resourceful, supporting us in our contracting and delivery endeavors.”

T&T Products, LLC
Florence, AL
Awarding Agency:  DLA Land and Maritime
Amount:  $31,836.60
“This solicitation was identified from my Bid Match portal sent to us daily from Phillip Marks and his staff at the University of North Alabama Procurement Technical Assistance Center. Without them this would not be possible.”

Sand Mountain Pest Management, LLC
Albertville, AL
Awarding Agency:  Jacksonville State University
Amount:  $39,600.00
“Lindsay was able to help us navigate the JSU Procurement Website and sign up as a potential vendor.  She was also able to introduce us to the Director of Purchasing and aid in our relationship development.  We are very appreciative of Lindsay’s assistance.”

Stephens Construction and Concrete, Inc.
Luverne, AL
Awarding Agency:  United States Army Corps of Engineers, Nashville District
Amount:  $2,106,008.20
Michelle called on Alabama PTAC to assist her in expediting her WOSB certification eventually leading her to partner with the National Center for American Indian Enterprise Development’s American Indian Procurement Technical Assistance Center (AIPTAC). Michelle states that she would have never known about these bid opportunities to begin with without her participation in Alabama PTAC’s Bid Matching program.

Low Life Construction, LLC
Piedmont, AL
Awarding Agency:  U.S. Forestry Service
Amount:  $26,290.00
Client Remarks:  Thank you so much for your help with my company securing the fencing project with the U.S. Forestry Service. The workshop you hosted proved to be a significant factor in developing relationships with the client. Also, thank you for your help and guidance during the bidding process.

Qualified Elevator Inspections
Jacksonville, AL
Awarding Agency:  NASA – Marshall Space Flight Center
Amount:  $12,995.00
Client Remarks:   Lindsay reviewed the IFB before the meeting and realized that most of the information was the same as what was required in a SAM registration.  When Joseph arrived, Lindsay went over several items in the IFB and offered clarification to any of his questions.  Since a CAGE code was required for the subcontract, Lindsay explained that it appeared that it would take the same amount of time to apply and obtain a CAGE code as it would to go ahead and register in SAM since there could be other prime opportunities in the future.  They completed the SAM registration process together.  Lindsay explained that she and Joseph needed to check on his SAM status regularly until it became active, and due to the CAGE office’s case load, they may need to escalate the application if it looked like the account would not be active by the time he submitted the bid.  Fortunately, Joseph’s account went active in time, and he sent Lindsay his finalized bid to review.  We won the contract for elevator inspection services at Marshall Space Flight Center for the year successfully bidding $12,995.00.  Since the Huntsville area is prime for federal contracts, this award could open other doors for around the area.

Community Security Services, LLC
Mobile, AL
Awarding Agency:  County of Mobile
Amount:  $600,000.00
Client Remarks:  Gerald Dunlop, PTAC advisor at the University of South Alabama, has worked with Community Security Services since January 2013. He assisted her with preparing to do business with the government.

JNB Services, LLC
Daleville, AL
Awarding Agency:  NAVFAC Southeast, Panama City, FL
Amount:  4,000,000.00
“Judy Calin and Betsy Baker have been with us from the very beginning in helping us successfully market to the government. They guided us through the entire 8(a) application from start to finish, which we received; assisted us in securing a line of working capital by personally contacting lenders on our behalf to ramp up our credit and bonding capabilities for government work and have introduced us to contracting officers that we have since developed profitable working relationships with.  We’re also very grateful for the Alabama PTAC Bid Match service!”

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